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10 Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

organic virgin coconut oil has become very popular in alternative health circles, despite the fact that for many years it was considered a "bad" fat due to its high saturated fat content. However, it turns out that the saturated fat in organic virgin coconut oil, especially virgin coco nut oil, is not the same as the saturated fat in other oils. It contains medium - chain fatty acids which are much easier on the body than the long chain fatty acids found in many other cooking oils. It also contains several compounds that are good for your health, including caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid.

Not just any organic virgin coconut oil will do, however. Many brands process the oil at high temperatures, which removes some of the benefits that are available. All of the early studies that found negative effects of organic virgin coconut oil on cholesterol levels were done with partially hydrogenated organic virgin coconut oil, whereas unprocessed, virgin coconut oil appears to have positive health effects.

Immune System Support

Consuming organic virgin coconut oil may help to fight off disease and illness thanks to its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. If you're battling any kind of virus or infection, try taking organic virgin coconut oil.

Cardiovascular Health

Although organic virgin coconut oil is a saturated fat, several studies have found that eating organic virgin coconut oil does not have adverse effects upon the heart. On the contrary, it appears to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and heart attack. Earlier studies done on organic virgin coconut oil that found it caused h igh cholesterol were done using partially hydrogenated organic virgin coconut oil and not organic virgin coconut oil and the studies were done on animals, not humans.

Researchers found that Polynesians in the Cook Islands whose diet is extremely high in organic virgin coconut oil have low chol esterol levels and a very low incidence of heart attack compared to people in the rest of New Zealand who do not consume as much organic virgin coconut oil. In Sri Lanka, a study found that the incidence of heart attack has risen as the consumption of organic virgin coconut oil has gon e down.

Thyroid Support

Many people believe that consuming extra virgin coconut oil can help with the symptoms of hypothyroidism. While scientific evidence is conflicting in this regard, many people with hypothyroidism have successfully improved or even r eversed their hypothyroidism and have been able to stop taking thyroid medication. Remember that it may not work for everyone and it is important to consult with your doctor before stopping any medications.

Weight Loss

One study found that women who took virgin coconut oil every day had a significant reduction in abdominal fat. Even though organic virgin coconut oil is a type of fat, it may actually help you to lose weight. Because it contains medium chain fatty acids rather than long chain fatty acids like some other co mmonly used oils, the body uses organic virgin coconut oil for energy and does not store much of it as fat. In this way, it helps to boost the metabolism.

Staph Fighter

When applied to wounds and sores, virgin coconut oil may prevent further staph infection. One study found that virgin coconut oil was beneficial in the treatment of atopic dematitis that was colonized with Staphylococcus aureus

Wound Healing

One study on mice found that wounds treated with virgin coconut oil healed faster and showed higher collagen cross - linking than the control group.

Stretch Mark Prevention

In Asia, organic virgin coconut oil is commonly used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Delete earning stretch marks or reduces appearance, Also commonly used post pregnancy to control and reduce stretch marks.

Skin Benefits

Moisturizing your skin is the key to keeping it youthful and healthy and coconu t oil can be used in place of lotion for a healthier moisturizer. When organic virgin coconut oil is used, it also helps to fight bacteria and other skin problems including rashes, dermatitis, acne, wrinkles, eczema, and psoriasis. If you have an area of skin that is irr itated, rub organic virgin coconut oil on the skin to soothe the inflammation and reduce the symptoms.

Healthy Hair

organic virgin coconut oil can also be used to improve the health of your scalp and hair. One way it helps is by strengthening the strands and reducing protein loss durin g washing. Try applying a little bit of coconut oil on your hair to brush out tangles or massage a tiny bit on coconut oil on the scalp for a silky, strong, head of hair.

Digestive System

organic virgin coconut oil has been found by many people to be beneficial for dige stive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and indigestion. organic virgin coconut oil fights unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system and it also assists in nutrient absorption within the body.

Your Skin

Moisturizer: When applied on the face or body, coconut oil works as an all-natural moisturizer that replenishes the skin's natural oils. Soothing Balm: Whether applied topically or ingested in precise amounts, it helps to minimize outbreaks and irritation. Anti-Aging Wonder: Filled with antioxidants that ward off free radicals, it'll help slow the aging process while keeping your skin hydrated¬ómaking you soft, supple, and glowing. Highlighter: Once you've applied your makeup, use it as a cheek highlighter as it will enhance your skin's natural pigments and reflect light.

Your Smile

Whitener: Oil pulling, which is swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for several minutes, has been found to whiten teeth (Kylie Jenner is a believer). Decay Fighter: When it comes to appearance, it's not just about the color of your teeth, but also their density over time. Because it's antibacterial, it helps ward off the plaque buildup that causes tooth decay in the first place. Lip Moisturizer: Chapped lips are not a good look. Whether oil pulling or using it as a lip balm, coconut oil nourishes for a soft pout free of cracks and flakes.