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Description :

Coconut Miracle's NEW 1L food grade plastic giant tub of raw organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil. More oil for your spend!!.
Handpicked in the tropical island of Sri Lanka, fresh coconuts are cold pressed to produce extra virgin oil with a delicate flavour reflecting its purity and retaining all natural anti oxidant properties.
Usage - Nutritious /delicious/ cholesterol free great for eating, cooking, frying (smoke point 177 degrees C) baking, in smoothies, drizzling, sprinkling, in vegetable mashes.
Exceptional beauty benefits - hair, skin & massage oil
Dental care - used for oil-pulling

Weight :

1L Pack

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For any orders outside of the UK. Please contact sales@coconutmiracle.com

coconut flour is made using de-fatted coconut meat from the same cold-pressed coconuts used to produce organic coconut oil.

Take care when using organic coconut flour to enrich your buns, breads, cakes or cookies though - it is of a slightly different consistency to normal flour, and it is important to remember that you must add an equivalent amount of extra liquid to your recipe to compensate for this.

We are NOP. USDA ORGANIC, HACCP, GMP, U.S.FDA, ISO:22000, JAS and EU certified manufacturer.

Moisture 4.5
Total fat 10-12
Fiber 38.2
Ash 4.5
Protein 19.7
Carbohydrate 30.2
Total Coliforms MPN/g Not detected ISO4831:2006
E. coli MPN/g Not detected ISO 7251 :2005
Aerobic Plate Count /g 72hrs at30oC 1.9 x 102 ISO 4833-1 :2013
Salmonellal25g Not detected ISO 6579 :2002
Yeast & Mould Count/g 5 davs at25"C 8.6 x 10 ISO 21527-2 :2008

Coconut flour can be stored for up to a year in a cool, dark place.